LA25 works with RBEF and Washington Elementary to create a student art project for Art90266

February 26, 2014

LA25 has partnered with Redondo Beach Education Foundation, RBEF, to raise funds to send over 1,400 South Bay children to LACMA. Art90266 is a live art auction presented by LA25 that raises money through the donation and sale of local fine art, photography and mixed media. Previous artists have included Al Satterwhite, Anthony Friedkin, Alex Weinstein, Bo Bridges, Tricia Strikfaden and Brian Kingston. One of the best selling pieces of art from the last event was an all student art project, “Heads of the Class”, by Julie Tamashiro’s Tulita Elementary 3rd grade art class. The student collage was purchased for $3,000 by Russell Hossain, Executive Vice President of Bank of Manhattan, and proudly hangs in their Manhattan Beach office boardroom.

In 2014, LA25 will again work with RBEF to create another all student art project for live auction at Art90266. “ The collaborative effort of our students to create a work of art that honors the unique culture of the South Bay will help them appreciate art and where we live”, states Jacquelin O’Sullivan, Washington Elementary Principal. Jacqueline will lead a “Hands on Art” program with two 1st grade elementary art classes collaborating on an all student art collage. “Hands on Art” is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteers or “docents”
to help teach and encourage art in Redondo and Torrance schools.

The two first grade elementary art classes are also both dual immersion learning environments with students being taught in both English and Spanish. The “Hands on Art” project will focus on the particular work of an artist and inspire the students to express themselves in that particular style. The student paintings will then be assembled together into one collage for an unveiling to the student body at Washington Elementary on February 28th. The artwork will then be auctioned at Art90266 at Shade Hotel on April 24th. The proceeds from the auction will fund trips for these children, over 1,400 approximately, to LACMA where they can see first hand the artists that have inspired them.

In addition, there will be a red carpet screening of an Art90266 documentary by Hollywood Shorts, “Classroom 19”, for all the students, teachers and educational officials from the last all student art project with Tulita on April 3, 2014 at Shade hotel. A short teaser for the documentary can be seen here: - gpluscomments

LA25/Art90266 - Christopher Salling
RBEF, President – Tedd Craddock
Washington Elementary, Principal– Jacquelin O’Sullivan

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